5 Ways Leaders Can Leverage Evernote

Leader and author, John Maxwell says that, “Leaders are readers.” I have found that the more I read, the more ideas I have and I bet you are the same way. Reading and ideation go hand in hand.  As a leader, however, our responsibility extends beyond reading and generating ideas. Without execution, we are just dreamers. In the past, like many, I used post-it-notes and long lists to stay on task. Nowadays, if every idea was a post-it-note, I would look like this.

post it notes

Photo credit: blog.mural.ly/en/

A product called Evernote has radically changed the way that I do life personally and professionally. What is Evernote? Evernote is an organizational tool that allows you to go paperless. Indeed, no more post-it-notes unless you have a need for them on an ad hoc basis.

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