My Virtual Assistant Success Story

As a busy professional or leader, you are likely overwhelmed with the amount of work you need to get done. Often, we find ourselves plateauing in our businesses and careers, because there are only 24 hours in one day.

too busy

Do you ever feel like this guy?

I found myself in this position about a year ago albeit with a full head of hair.  With a baby on the way (here now!), a growing business that I needed to scale, a family I want to spend more time with, and a recently purchased home, I had to find a way to get more done in 24 hours. 

Using a virtual assistant is something I had been considering, because of Michael Hyatt‘s leadership in this area, so I contacted one of the companies he recommends,

My virtual assistant has revolutionized my life and business. I wholeheartedly recommend I wish I had started sooner.

Recently, I was interviewed by for their podcast. You can find a link to the interview below. In this interview, I share about the following:

Why and how I use my virtual assistant.

Finding the courage and honesty to delegate tasks we are weakest in.

Overcoming the fear of delegating time drainers like email. 

The importance of dreaming of what could be if you had help. 

As a leader, husband, and father, I couldn’t afford to plateau. You can’t either.  This is the truth:

[Tweet “Leaders, for your organization to grow, you need help and you need to make others successful.”]

Watch the 14 minute podcast by clicking the image below. I hope you learn from my experience.



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